Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by Southall Meadows

At Southall Meadows we spend a lot of time looking at the farm, and there’s a ton of beauty there. There are hills covered in trees, deer, rabbits, and wild turkeys that dash across the pathways, and a vintage barn that makes us swoon. We think we’re pretty lucky to look at such lovely vistas all day, but we get ridiculously excited about seeing our brides’ wedding gowns!

Who doesn’t love wedding dresses?! They’re exquisite, feminine creations that are the stuff of our daydreams. But we know that sometimes, actually picking your gown can be a bit overwhelming. All of those ruffles, beading, and tulle (not to mention all the friends and family you brought with you) can throw you for a loop. And the great thing about choosing a dress to wear at Southall Meadows is that you really can’t go wrong. It seems like some venues require certain outfits- like a ball gown for a hotel’s ballroom. At the farm though, anything goes. You can plan a black tie event to go with your romantic Claire Pettibone gown or something a little more modern to go with your dramatic Ines Di Santo dress. You can make anything work!

There’s so much pressure to pick that perfect dress and have a “say yes” moment, so we’re here to help. Don’t stress the dress, chickadee! We guarantee you won’t be gracing the aisle in your birthday suit; you’ll find a dress you love.

For having the best dress experience, choose a great dress store. We’re quite taken with The Dress Theory and Olia Zavozina. Both stores go above and beyond to tailor your wedding dress shopping experience.

When you find your dress, you’ll know. You may not cry or jump up and down, but you’ll know. Maybe it’ll be on sale or look like the one your grandmother wore or make you feel like the prettiest girl in all the land. And, if you don’t love any dress that day, that’s okay too! Like Scarlett says, “Tomorrow is another day.”

For inspiration, check out these photos of beautiful brides at Southall Meadows!

Posted on: March 25th, 2015 by Southall Meadows

Thank you Erin of The Collection for coming out for a tour on such a wet day and taking a few photos of some our grounds around Southall Meadows. You are Bobbie Sue’s favorite!

Southall Meadows is an elegant yet rustic, remodeled, nearly century old barn surrounded by the natural majesty of middle Tennessee – a perfect wedding or celebration venue.